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Hello! I've been searched for while about this topic, but, alas, I've found nothing. So, I'm coming here to ask.

I have seen there are "snake" cords that have 8 TRS or XLR cables sprouting from it. The TRS version looks like this ----- "http://www.sweetwat…" ----Notice how the connector is 25-pin. I, dont have a 25-pin input, but rather a 9-pin. I was wondering if there was a 9-pin - TRS 1/4" connector snake.

Also, I was wondering if they make a TOSLINK - TRS 1/4" snake or just cable.



ghellquist Mon, 06/27/2005 - 23:37

could you tell us what you want to connect. The equipment on each side of the cable that is. And how long cable you need. That will help in answering.

And a Toslink to TRS cable is not a cable I have ever heard of. Toslink is an optical fiber sending digital signals. TRS generally is used for analog signals. So it would need to be either an AD converter or a DA converter depending on what way you want to convert (From Digital to Analog is a DA). And that kind of converter is generally a box.