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Neve sidecar

ok, so I'm thinking bout getting a little Neve 5432 sidecar with 8 channels of 34128 pre's.
anyone have any extensive experience with these sidecars? or do you have any specific insights on the 34128 pre itself? right off the bat I know I will have to get an ELCO multi-pin cable made in order to get direct outs on each channel.

this would act as a front end for the computer, recording drums, gtrs, etc. etc. - perhaps running mixes back thru the Neve for mixdown as well. pretty simple applications overall.

post away...


anonymous Wed, 03/20/2002 - 23:39

WORD! Kev.....

He said it as good as i could...

The sidecar u are talking about is pretty cool. While it is not up there with the King Daddy Class A jobs.. it will still eat majority of things up for breakfast and digest them B4 lunch.

From what I have gathered in my Neve research (an ongoing and never ending Holy Grail like search it is!) these were made in the interim period between the last of the 80XX series and the introduction of the 51XX series broadcast and Baby V desks. SO pretty much it has the same pre's as an 8128 (which many proclaim as being a bit of a 'Dog' but they are still pretty of the lesser ones that Kev was mentioning)

The pre's have a nice tone and texture and they are Xfrmr based.. which still counts IMHO. The Eq is very simple.. kinda like an improved version of the basic HF and LF Kelso EQ alas not discrete.. but still very nice for adding a bit of tops and bottom. Definately not for 'Digging' like a 1073.

Usign it for a front end into a computer is ideal. It will save ya ass on the tone side and be able to sort u out for 'Quality' analog summing for mxing etc. GO For IT!!!!

Is Neve .....Is Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope it helps


Guest Thu, 03/21/2002 - 04:47

Originally posted by weezy christ:
ok, so I'm thinking bout getting a little Neve 5432 sidecar with 8 channels of 34128 pre's....

34128 is the number for the whole channel strip, pre's to aux sends, EQ's to faders... they're rife with 5534's and while better than a Mackie, they're not better than a real board.

If it's in perfect condition, and you can get it for under $1,500 USD it might be worth paying some attention... if the seller has any illusions that the thing shits ice cream because of the "N" word... run, don't walk, run in the other direction.

Best of luck with it.

anonymous Thu, 03/21/2002 - 06:06

Thanks everyone for your input!

FYI, I did quite a bit of searching before originally posting, but all I could find was either basic 34128 specs or vague references of the 5432 pre's being Class AB and not the big honkin' Class A flavor...

I've located a few 5432's in the past couple of days, but most want 3+ times as much as what Fletcher recommended as a fair price, even for the small 8 channel version, hmmmm berryy interesting.

In your opinions, how much of an improvement would this *truly* be over something ordinary like a Mackie? if it's a minor step up, I won't even bother has to be substantially better for me to consider this further. Thanks again....

Kev Thu, 03/21/2002 - 09:44

I know the 51 series Neve's are not seen as vintage but I do like them. They full of 5532 and 5534's. I think the EQ is great compared to the things like Mackies and A&H and Berin&&*().

I still say go for it. In some respect the older ones are easier to work on and to find replacement components but their circuits are more sensitive to non genuine type parts. The op-amp stuff is more modular and robust but the PCB's are not tough and the switches and pots are a little hard to find.

anonymous Thu, 03/21/2002 - 18:26

The college I went to had one in their radio production room. I used to go in and record bands after hours for fun. I thought it sounded really good. Later, I bought one and used it as a sidecar to a Trident and I thought it sounded fantastic there. I modified it to have xfrmer balanced direct outs and that really made a difference. I sold it to a local studio and I am sorry I did. I just used it today and wished I would have kept it. It does not sound like a big class A Neve, but it does have a good sound all of its own.

anonymous Fri, 03/22/2002 - 05:44

ok, so here's a follow up question for you guys...Fletcher has already chimed in on what he thinks is interesting price, but for you other guys, how much would you lay out for an 8 channel 5432 in good shape? (i.e. nothing broken)...

most of the sidecars I've found are all in the $3500 and up range, roughly $400-500 a channel. I think the main factor here (like Fletcher mentioned) is getting any of these sellers off the notion that just because it says 'Neve' doesn't mean it farts Chanel No. 5!

I think I may be better off getting something like a 4-channel API 3124 pre from Mercenary! :w:




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