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Neve VRLegend

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Can any one give me some guidance on this console... I have never used any Neve before and have to start flying solo on one in 10 days time. help!
(I am a digital man really... so th whole analog thing is an adventure in a way)


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audiowkstation Mon, 09/24/2001 - 09:47
Get to the project a day early if the studio is avalible for you. Arrange it if possible. I have the manual on the VR60 that I bought from Neve before a session with one so it would be old hat once I got there. If it is important to you to be familiar with the console, have Neve fed X a manual out to you. It will give you more time.

It is simple. Automation will take a little time to master and the busing and patchbay...well you will have a chief engineer there to guild you I am sure. If you are working in Hollywood, a Union member must be present at all times so you won't have any problems with the console.

Actually, He/She will be your friend.

Like any new console...first time, learn the signal path and routing first, automation second and then the rest will fall in place. Start your session with some sample calibration of the line outs to power amps so you will know if some "arsehole" has one of the channels down...ruining your mix.

Most importantly is the calibration. Do will see the signal path, take notes and write stuff down. Requesting the manual is not looked at as "he must be green"...but looked at as Smart. Even though I have used my SSL for years and Neves, Harrisons, MCI's/Sonys , Euphonics etc... It is not a bad idea to ask if any modifications have been installed...ask about the "ghost" in the machine...any quirks, situations, failures, op manual. Test the send return module..make sure none are dead. learn the monitor section and have fun...but do not forget to put some music through the system to recalibrate your ears and ck the amplifiers for unity gain and matching. Calibrate the thing properly.

Nothing like being prepared. Don't sweat it.

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Guest Tue, 09/25/2001 - 04:19
Originally posted by Phil English:
Can any one give me some guidance on this console...

You mean advice other than 'try to get the session moved to a studio with a real console instead of that tinny sounding piece of shit? If you can move it to a 9098i room, you'll be a much happier person. They're easier to use, mostly because they sound a world better.

I have never used any Neve

Don't worry, even after this experience you'll still have not used a "Neve", but you will have used an "N word" desk.

All BS aside, it's not that tough. Yes, they can look intimidating, just don't be intimidated. I remember the first time I sat behind an SSL...I looked left, I looked right, then I looked at the assistant and said: "damn, there's enough knobs on this thing to really fuck something up" which he replied: "yep".

It's just a desk. It's just like a Soundcraft Ghost or a Mackie. The routing may be a tad different, but if you understand the rudiments of how this shit works, you'll be a 'zen master' of this thing in under an hour. If you don't understand signal flow, then you have no business being in a "real" recording studio put your tail between your legs, go home, and learn 'signal flow'.

I don't know what Bill was talking about with 'Union Members in Hollywood', but you will find that any studio with a VR Legend will also provide you with an able bodied assistant. Their job is to run the patchbay, run the automation commands, answer any and all questions you may have about the desk, and help you 'trouble shoot' when you've done something goofy (like inadvertantly hit a 'solo switch' and you're not sure which one it might be, that kind of shit).

Most of all, have fun. Most likely you'll get through it without a problem. If the automation is 'Flying Faders', you'll most likely be proficient with it in an hour or two of using it, the assistant will insure that or just ask for a new one. It's real easy, you get on the 'intercom', page the 'studio manager' and say: "pardon me, might it be possible to get an assistant that doesn't suck? The one that came with the room is useless." Works everytime.

Best of luck with the gig, tell us how it goes!!