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New desk, please advise!

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I'll soon be looking to ditch my current console (32 channel Ghost) and spend around £20,000 on a new one. At the moment I am considering the Audient or the D+R Orion, but I am also considering a Sony DMXR100.

The thing is, I have hated every digital console I have tried (I haven't tried the Sony, obviously) and have come to the conclusion that I just like the feel and EQ of analog boards, whether it be my Ghost or the odd Neve that I get my mucky hands on.

I record on RADAR 24 (one at the moment, will probably add a second soon enough), and have a further 16 channels coming from a PC running Cubase SX. I also have a selection of outboard pres, comps and eqs which I won't ditch.

Main issues for me are:

1) Maintenance - very low annual maintenance budget at studio, which is why I'm mainly looking at new boards. Can't afford to be getting it serviced every six months, and board will be in daily use.

2) EQ MUST better the eq on the Ghost considerably. Pres don't matter too much, as I have decent outboard.

3) Some automation would be nice.

4) Worried about interfacing outboard with digital desk. Is the Sony fairly user-friendly?

5) Must be able to accommodate 48 tracks of Radar (Sony with MADI interface feasible?)

6) At £20,000 to £25,000 TOPS (ex-VAT), or around $30,000 it must totally blow the Ghost away. Is this possible?

Some suggestions, please!


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Recording Engineer Mon, 06/16/2003 - 23:58
Well, I think you're on the right track... Audient amd D&R make nice consoles.

Another option, is a custom DaviSound console.

It would be a long time before it was actually in your possession as they're only accepting orders on a one-at-a-time basis only and they're currently working on mine right now; scheduled to be delivered in early Spring of next year. So if you wouldn't mind the long wait for a custom console where sound-quality and signal-integrity is the most important "feature", then you might at the very least get in contact with them to look into the possibility.

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