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nuendo- how to merge track?

I just started working with steinberg nuendo and I'm having trouble merging events on a track. I did a few punch-ins and now it shows the track name and take number, but when I go to edit the track and apply fx, etc. it does not apply to the recorded punch-in. I believe nuendo considers this an audio event. I looked in the help section, and all throughout the program, which I thought I would find something by right clicking on the audio event or in the pool window. How do I merge takes so that I can apply fx to the whole track to include my punch-ins?Thanks for the help in advance.


dterry Fri, 12/21/2007 - 08:27

Two ways:

1 - use the glue tool to create a new event (this is not a combined audio file, but a clip containing the other clips). You can then process that clip from the timeline like any other audio clip, but it will still be multiple audio files in the pool.

2 - simply bounce that track to a new audio file and process as one file - select all the events on that track and set the range selection to include all (or from the start of the track if desired) then right click, Audio - Bounce Selection. This will create a new audio file from the clips on the track (without track effects).

anonymous Wed, 12/26/2007 - 18:52

thanks for the help...I was able to use the bounce function. I tried using the glue tool but every time I clicked on the punch in area it would keep taking it back to previous takes. any suggestions? Also, I had trouble with making it bounce to a new track, I was only able to replace the existing track that I was bouncing.




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