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OK...I want to open up this can of worms again because I don't think I have really heard a great explanation for it. Opus has mentioned that there are other threads here at RO that have "hashed this to death already" my mind, I am still a bit "unhashed" I guess... :) I have searched through and read the other Nuendo posts here, and I keep hearing things like "Sounds Great", etc...but why? and How?
Here goes...

Why should I spend the extra money to go from Cubase VST/32 5.1 to Nuendo? I know Opus says that "Cubase started out as a MIDI sequencer that added audio, and Nuendo started as an audio sequencer that added MIDI..." OK... and? I guess that doesn't do enough for me to convince me to upgrade. So is the audio quality better than Cubase? Enough to really notice the difference? Enough to justify $1,000US? Let's get *really* specific here this time...Even the Nuendo web site hasn't sold me yet...(pretty unexciting actually...)

I know that the Nuendo users are very loyal, and love their software, I have even read a review or two that state that Nuendo is "Steinberg's answer to Pro Tools"..."their flagship product", etc. OK...why and in what way? Especially focusing on how it differs from Cubase. I understand that the interfaces are similar...but what would I be gaining, and what would I be losing if I switched from Cubase to Nuendo? :D I am sure that Opus is pissed :mad: but at least he'll get a chance to rant and rave about his favorite software!



Opus2000 Fri, 02/15/2002 - 11:32

Indeed!! I love ranting and raving about Nuendo and dont mind if we have five different threads about it!! lol!!
Ok, Nuendo...32bit recording..surround..VSTi's..Rewire..Video implimetation..32bit mastering suite..amazing editing features..ability to import multiple bit depth files..unlimited undo..OMF import/export..UV22..on the fly record enabling tracks..automation per track(not a generalized overall like Cubase's)...sample rates of up to 192bit...9 pin syncronization for DTR based machines for sample accurate sync..Group Channels..automation for plugins, send fx, send level...
The sound quality between Nuendo and Cubase is definately noticeable, it's more transparent. No true tape in Nuendo but to tell you the truth, if you have a nice pre you wont miss it..I use the Trak2 from Apogee and it makes the world of difference!!
I think that one should go to a Guitar Center or somewhere that has a demo system setup so you can check it out!
If you're in Indiana I can have Sweetwater set up a demo for you!! Or just contact your closest Guitar Center dealer to have it set up.
I cant tell you more than it's just simply amazing to work's fast and furious!
Couple of other things that you get, Sample level editing, Regions, nudging, magnetic cursor, ability to change the size of the track overview(height, width, waveform)...and even the kitchen sink...oops, maybe not that much :roll:
Cubase doesnt have the editing features like Nuendo, no ability to use multiple bit depths, cant record enable a track on the fly..there are other differences but to be honest I havent touched Cubase in such a long time I forget half of the features in it..
Oh yeah, you dont have to enable nuendo for's allready done..oh yeah, supports way more controller fact it supports multiple ones!! Imagine..two 428's for controllers!!(dont think that would actually jive but it would be a cool test!!)
What more can I say here? It's a better native based engine than cubase..actually takes advantage of your system better...
I'm sure I'll remember more but I cant at the moment!!
Any specific q's other than what I mentioned?

Doublehelix Fri, 02/15/2002 - 17:31

Thanks for the detailed reply Gary...

1) One of the things I dislike about Cubase is the automation. It sucks in my opinion. If you have ever seen how Cakewalk does it with Sonar, you'll drool all over yourself. Any comments on Nuendo's automation capabilites vs. Cubase?

2) One of Cubase's other "quirks" is that with send effects enabled, it is impossible to completely mute the channels that are sent to the effects bus. In order to solo a channel, I have to *also* turn off any send effects that the muted channels are using. (does this make sense?) How about with Nuendo?

3) I like being able to mix sample rates with Nuendo...kinda cool.

4) I am assuming that I will be able to use my UAD card +plug-ins..?

5) How could you get Sweetwater to set up a demo? That might be sweet. I don't think there is a dealer here in the Indianapolis least according to the Nuendo web site. The Guitar Center here doesn't have it, and either does Mars.

If I think of something else...I'll post it later.


Opus2000 Sat, 02/16/2002 - 14:35

Umm, I used to work at Sweetwater dude....I have connections!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!
Yes, UAD cards work in Nuendo..automation is far better than Cubase's. very flexible and you can even add the automation track to the tracks windows and even draw in automation!
Group tracking even!!
What can I say man..let me know if you want me to set up a demo for you.

CircuitRider Sun, 02/17/2002 - 14:16

I guess I'll chime in, too. I bought my US428 a few months ago. Before that, the only mixing software I used was Cool Edit Pro. To tell you the truth, I've really missed it. I like the wave form editing features. I like drawing my pans and fades. I've never used Nuendo and probably won't for a long time, simply because it is way out of my price range. And frankly, I've been a little wary of moving to anything else other than my bundled software that came with the US428 (Cubase VST). I don't want to loose any features. But I would like to explore my options (as few as they are).

Doublehelix Mon, 02/25/2002 - 07:18

One of my biggest complaints about Cubase is the track automation. Once you set it, I'm not even sure how to get rid of it or edit it. It is really lame in my opinion.

I contacted the Nuendo folks, and they say that there is no "upgrade" to go from Cubase to Nuendo, but they do offer a "loyalty rebate" of $150 US. When I register Nuendo, I can send in a rebate form and get $150 US back in the mail...

Opus2000 Mon, 02/25/2002 - 10:58

Yes, Cubase automation is nothing to write home about...but Nuendo...totally different story..completely flexable in the way it can overwrite it, manually draw in any changes you want in the track or just completely wipe it out!!
james, if you like doing audio work you will absolutely love Nuendo....


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