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Online Mixing and Mastering Offer

We are currently offering both mixing and mastering for just $99.


Nicholas Dawes Fri, 11/25/2022 - 13:48

audiokid wrote:

Hi Nicholas, welcome to  What does “online” mixing mastering mean? 

Thank you!  It's a good question, the 'Online' part refers to the fact that it's not an attended session but these days most mixing and mastering services are online.  When I started back in 2008 it was quite a unique thing but really common now.

audiokid Mon, 11/28/2022 - 06:58

In reply to by Thomas W. Bethel

Thomas W. Bethel wrote:

I thought we were not suppose to "advertise" our services in this forum????

You are correct, Thomas. Thank you for mentioning this. Being a new member, I let it go for a bit, specifically to see if they answered my question regarding what online mixing/mastering meant. I was curious what that actually meant.

We actually have a Services section which is so obvious when adding a new topic. It’s free to help our community member’s promote their business (not spam our forum)  yet the new generation will still spam the forum like they never see it. Go figure.   

Hopefully our new member will read this and add his service. I will delete this post soon.



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