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Output vu meter on slate digital VTM fail?

I'll start out with some specs that might come in handy to know. Im on a i7 pc with 24gb ram running studio one version 2.6 as my daw.

I just bought the vtm and installed it. As I was trying it out on some old recordings the output vu meter stopped working? I tried reinstalling the plugin with system reboot but no luck. I also tried upgrading s1 to 2.6.1 if that would for some reason help but no.*

am I missing something here or did I break my plugin ?*Did I overrun the simulated circuts and blew a simulated fuse? :D*well, help needed and fast! Got a recording coming up this weekend and was hoping to use it in the mix*the funny part is that it works on main out but not on independent channels.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

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