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PLEASE HELP with Drums from hell sup. and protools 6.4

Hello there and i appreciate any kind of help you can offer. This is my situation. I have protools 6.4 LE with a digi002 surface controller and i just got this DFHS program. I downloaded everything and i cant get any kind of sound from the program and most importantly when i go into protools and i go to an insert for a plugin and go to my virtual instrum. i see my reason 3.0 and sample tank but still no DFHS. Also when i basically need help with setting paths to sounds, the pad configuration window, playing the test sequence back ( i dont even know where to do that at. protools, dfhs? When i go to the construction window and click the sample sound buttons next to the chosen individual instruments i get nothing. Even when i click on the super and sub pads i get no sound. Basically if you could help me in an explanation from start to end on what i need to do inable to set this up for use in my protools. I dont even know if its supposed to be a midi file in protools or audio or aux or what. lol. haha. Sorry so jumbled. So if anyone is familier with drums from hell superior and protools or even has an idea about why i cant see it as a virtual instrument, HELP ME. lol. haha Thank you for your time. -Ron Hallman