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Power Amplifier

I have a pair of passive Event 20/20's that I've been powering with a QSC RMX 850 for a while. My trouble is that the amplifier is just way too noisy. Can you guys suggest a good QUIET amplifier? I've been told to check out the Hafler amps, but it seems like they don't manufacture them anymore. Any help would be great. Thanks!



Cucco Thu, 12/21/2006 - 06:13
CoyoteTrax wrote: You can usually find a few Hafler amps on ebay at any given time. Not many though. People love their Hafler gear.

I just sold my Hafler on Ebay (P3000) for $249!!! (Bargain!)

Sorry - this doesn't help. I just thought I'd put it into perspective.

Check out Audiogon.

I picked up a balanced B&K 200 WPC amp (with +/- Current swings of 55 AMPs PER SIDE) for around $500! It sounds BEAUTIFUL. And after I installed the dedicated 30 Amp circuit for it, I can listen to it in its full glory without the breaker tripping!