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Pro Tools 11 new licensing policy

What a joke. How long are people going to keep supporting this complete over rated rippoff. Glad I cut the chain long ago.


The Avid Boycott Is On

Avid is planning on going to subscription based fees. Forcing all users to pay $199 per year for Pro Tools and $599 for HD users, upgrades or not.
The CEO promised they would not do this and yet here they are implementing exactly that.

Avid President and CEO Louis Hernandez Jr. stated that Avid has no plans to force the transition to subscription pricing. "Some in the industry have been frustrated that they've been forced to a single delivery or pricing model, like cloud or subscription, that benefits the vendor more than the actual customer and, in fact, in some cases may be more costly and less flexible. Our customers will be limited by only their own imagination and strategy, not by limits dictated by their vendor."

Translation: "Unless we can F**ck over our customers because who really gives a sh*t about them, I know I don't".

Please see links for details.

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