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Pro Tools Anyone?

Okay, don't rip me apart too hard on this one...

I'm running a MOTU Traveler right now, with Sonar 6 Producer as my main DAW. I'm being offered a good deal on a 003 system. I'm thinking about unloading my current native system for a Digidesign rig. I care about A/D quality, mic pres, clarity of mix engine, and expanability. It's also my understanding that using a Digidesign system is a good way of adding value to a studio. Is this a good move, or should I go with something that's already working for me?

I'm still relatively new to all of this, in the grand scheme of things. The 003 seems like a good system, but is it worth locking myself into something proprietary like Digi?


Pro Audio Guest Sun, 04/08/2007 - 01:52
Though you will find a multitude of mixed sentiment over Digi and Pro Tools, it will mainly be among us recording hacks. If you're looking for away to draw clientele into your studio, then Pro Tools is the way to go based upon name recognition. I have no hands on experience with the new 003 system, but I do with the 001, 002, and HD systems. If Digi has followed the same path with the 003 as it has with the 001 and 002, I wouldn't expect the 003 to set any new standards regarding sound quality, preamp design, clock design, or versatile interface integration. That being said, it all depends on what you're comparing it to. Comparable models of various brands fit into the same niche. I believe that your MOTU Traveler is one of them. So, I wouldn't expect any significant improvement with the 003 other than the possible exception of a few bells and whistles. You'll probably get close to the same identical sound quality out of the 003 as you will your MOTU. From an audio purest's point of view, you may be able to significantly improve your overall sound by spending the same amount of money elsewhere. Maybe someone else in the forum can shed some more light on this. The only other thing to consider is that you said you were offered a good deal on a 003. Your decision might end up being based upon just how good of a deal your getting.