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Do I need to have an interface connected to my computer in order to run PT10?

I want to use PT10 primarily for editing audio that's ALREADY on my computer. NOT for recording (although I will be doing some of this).

I just installed Pro Tools 10 last night on my MacBook Pro. I installed it on both, LION and WINDOWS 7 (via Bootcamp). So the program has been installed twice on the same computer, but on different partitions.

Pro Tools is brand new out of the box. It's not an upgrade. It's the first time I've installed it, ever.

I have the iLok and have gone through the whole (annoying) setup process with it.

After installing the program on LION last night, it seemed to boot up fine. I didn't play with it too much. I loaded a demo session from the installation disc, which didn't work too well because it was apparently created with PT10 HD (and mine isn't HD). So only one of the multi-tracks of the session was playable, whereas tons of the other multi-tracks within that same session were not playable. But it was good enough to see that the program was running.

Now, after I installed it on the WINDOWS 7 side of my MBP (via Bootcamp), I couldn't get PT10 to boot up fully. It kept referring to some unavailable connection to my audio mixer (the Behringer Xenyx 1622USB, which I use for recording sometimes). My mixer was NOT connected to my computer at the time that I tried to boot up PT10. Apparently PT10 continuously "saw" the Behringer ASIO drivers that I've installed on WINDOWS 7, and for some odd reason wanted me to connect my audio mixer so that I could boot up the program. But since I had no intention to recording anything, but rather simply edit some files I already have on my computer, I didn't (and still don't) want to connect my mixer just to boot up this PT10 program. The message I keep getting is "The selected ASIO audio device could not be initialized. Please choose another audio device." My options are to "Quit" or "OK." When I quit, the program closes. When I hit OK, I get a window called "Playback Engine," and it's referring to the "Behringer USB Audio." I can change some attributes of the USB Audio driver here, but I can't seem to select a different audio driver altogether. I can't get passed this part.

So, again, my question is, do I NEED to have an interface to run PT10? If not, how do I run the program without it (given that you read the above paragraph)? The manual keeps talking about how I need to connect my interface to my computer, and then boot up PT10. But they don't seem to say that the interface is need ONLY when recording (that's why I don't know if it is needed only for recording, or if it's needed at all times, like the iLok is needed at all times to run the program). Every audio editing program I've ever come across runs without any hardware connection, except for the computer itself. So I find it hard to believe that PT10 is going to make me carry around some clunky piece of hardware just so I can do some editing.



hueseph Wed, 07/11/2012 - 10:04

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First try booting Pro Tools while holding the N key. Go to setup/ playback engine/ Set Curent engine to "Built in Audio" or whatever that may be/ now go to Setup/ IO and deselect "Sessions override current I/O setup when opened"/ click OK.

That should fix it. If it doesn't and you can't find your built in audio device, will need to download and install Asio4all and then go through the steps above.

jgiannis Wed, 07/11/2012 - 10:14

I actually just did the ASIO4ALL installation and that fixed it. Apparently the Behringer ASIO driver was the only ASIO device I had on the computer. Thus, when that window popped up where I was asked to change to a different ASIO driver, there was no other option to choose from. That's why I was so confused. When ASIO4ALL was installed, the drop-down menu showed up and I selected ASIO4ALL. It worked. Thanks!!

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