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pro tools - regions to audio files?

I recently picked up the classic Bob Clearmountain drum samples CD for use in the studio. As some of you may know, this sample collection is in AUDIO file format. I have not had a problem importing the audio tracks into Pro Tools and slicing up all the different drum hits on each track into regions. What I AM having a problem with, however is getting all of my separated regions into a usable form outside of the session. Ideally, I’d like them to be in .wav format. Is there a way to convert each region within a Pro Tools session to a .wav file and have it show up in the “audio files” folder on the hard drive? If so, I could do that, and then copy/paste all those audio files to my ‘sample’ hard drive and be good to go.

It seems like there has to be an easy way to get this done. If anyone knows of a simple way to do so, please let me know!

Any help in appreciated. Thanks!


anonymous Wed, 07/25/2007 - 10:16

thanks for the replies! i went back into pro tools and highlighted some of the regions. when i went to use the file->export feature, it would NOT let me. the 'export' feature was in the scroll down menu, but it was dark and not an option. the 'import' option would have worked just fine, but not export.

i hope that makes sense.

is there any reason for that, or ways to fix it?

anonymous Thu, 07/26/2007 - 16:52

i didn't want to bounce them to disk because there are several hundred individual drum hits and i did not want to take the time to bounce all of them separately. same for the 'consolidate' function.

i was able to select the regions and use a function from the region list controls. i believe 'natural' was suggesting this. i thought you were referring to the "FILE" --> "EXPORT" command, but rather i found the 'export selection as files' option within the region list options.

thanks for everyones help! got them working fine and dandy now.