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Hi everyone. This is a song by Wakey Wakey, produced by Fabrice Dupont of Flux Studios NYC. There were like 50 raw tracks and then I mixed it. Thoughts on the mix? It's the one that says "Eric Watkins" Thanks!


DonnyThompson Mon, 02/23/2015 - 04:27
You might be better off to create a soundcloud file for this song and post that link here, as there are many here on RO who get a little nervous about visiting a site that isn't familiar to them. I'm not saying the site you linked to isn't safe, but some of us simply won't risk the possibility of picking up the binary equivalent of what a sailor might get during a weekend of shore leave in Bangkok. ;)

Just sayin' - you may get more responses if you provide a sound cloud file.

anonymous Mon, 02/23/2015 - 10:58
Thanks, I'll try it sometime.

My interest in those contests has always been in fun or to see how they are actually judged, because I would like to do them here too. I think they are better off without a price or gear around them and where you can help people improve. Those ones are more about a way to get traffic for harvesting.

pcrecord Wed, 02/25/2015 - 14:35
Judging mixes is so personnal that you never know what to expect in those contests. It's all about the vision of the artist (which we don't have) and sometime dealing with way too much tracks and big temptation of working the form of the song.

I participated once on a puremix mix contest it was fun but I realised that it was pureluck if I was to win.
I listened to a few mix from others and I could see right away that some had no clue how to address a pre master mix. Some were way too loud others had too much reverbs.. Mine was kind of unnoticed because it was quiter but balanced and ready for a good mastering job. The tracks had defects that would have need re-tracking but how could you say that to the famous Fab ? ;) I like the guy, he has a nice way of seeing recording and mastering but those contests are futil in my opinion.

@Chris ; I would participate without hesitation if you start a mix contest here. But, the dilema is for you or us, to establish somekind of fair ranking process.




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