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Questions about RAP vocals (PANNING, compression, etc..)

Hey, this is my first post so i apologize if i sound like a noob. I'm still pretty new to recording and have cheap equipment but am surprised at how i can get it to sound... SO FAR. I have limited access to a computer so i can only check replies every few days if that. Anyways, onto the quesitons.

Panning: Usually when i record rap vocals, both my own and the other artist(we are a duo), I leave the main verse track centered, record two other verse tracks to back it up, and pan those L and R usually around 30-40ish. Then i record overdubs where i accent phrases n words, n pan those further, around mid 40's-50 L and R. Then if i have adlibs or words i use to fill in gaps i use two separate tracks and pan them similar to the backup verse tracks(L and R 30-40).

Sorry if I'm poorly explaining this.. but is this a good way to pan? Ive read on here that hard panning is a bad idea, why exactly is that? i used to pan the main verse tracks and verses generally closer, but even after messin with the EQ it still seemed muggy.

I use so many tracks on my vocals because i dont like how my voice sounds just dry n without thickening layers, some people have the voice where they only need a single verse track but i cant stand how mine sounds. I want that layered sound without it being so muggy.

EQ: I use Magix Music Studio 12 Deluxe, and i do NOT have a mixer, we use a M-Audio Mobile Pre Preamp with phantom power. The mixer on the program only has Four basic EQ ranges per track. High, Mid High, Mid Low, and Low, all with knobs u can click n rotate, or punch in the numbers if you prefer.

So my question is, are four frequencies not enough to effectively mix the vocals?

There ARE other EQ options, but honestly i feel lost and get better results with using the basic four with the knobs. I'll have more details about the way Magix EQ is set up in a few days so i can be more specific, but any general advice here helps.

Compression: There are quite a few different compression options on MAGIX. I use one in a sound effects feature and usually preset it to normal or hard depending how it sounds with the vocals. I know its probably better to manually mess with the knobs, i did so on our first mixtape but honestly feel like I'm getting a better sound out of how I've been recording lately. There are also compression options under 'Dynamics' but the one i use in the effects feature seems more specific and effective.

Im only familiar with compression in regards to what DAW's have(ive used a version of Cubase in the past). Ive never used an outside source of compression, what should i look for with compression? What is typically more effective for rap music layered like i record it?

Sorry for having so many questions on one post. Basically I'm asking for advice and specifics on hard panning versus soft panning, how far is too far and why? If i need to pan closer how can i avoid the muddiness?
For EQ, any general advice helps, i feel lost when i just see people talk about multiple numbers of frequencies and cutting and boosting, so any advice n breaking it down would help a lot.
And with compression, what should i be looking for and avoid?
Any advice would help a lot. Thanks.