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OK, so I'm using a Tascam USB unit to do my tracking with. I want to route the vocals through an external reverb unit: however, the Tascam box doesn't have aux sends/receives, and when I go from output to input, all I get is some feedback (very creative feedback that will tactfully go into the song, so not a wasted effort).

So far the solution is (well, we're going to do it when the band comes back in to-morrow) record the vocals to a tape machine, then run from the tape deck through a delay and onto a new channel in the computer.

Any other ideas?


anonymous Fri, 10/26/2001 - 13:45

Hmmm, can you go to the shop where you bought it (with the manual) and work through it there? Get some tech support!

With no aux send you may have some re-sync issues using the methods you describe..

Anyone else?