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Reaper: PseudoFreeze & Xternal Hardware AutoDly Compensa

Just letting you guys know of some important improvements to REAPER, for anyone who's been waiting for certain features to be added before they try it.

Just added ReaInsert, a plug for sending audio/midi from any FX Chain to external hardware and back...and has auto-detect delay compensation.

There were workarounds before, now here's the real deal for professional applications.

Don't worry, I'm only posting when it's something important that the pros have been asking for... not spamming you with minor updates :) There's lots of other stuff added listed on the download page.


Recently a form of freeze was also added (pseudofreeze):

Basically it's right click on any track, and choose 'Render selected tracks to stem tracks (and mute/bypass originals). Reaper will then place the rendered stem next to the original track, and mute and fx bypass the original.

We also have 'apply fx to selected items as new take' which is great for single tracks, but the new rendering option is perfect for freezing a drum folder track, or a drum reverb track etc.