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Reason 3.0.4 error

hey guys whts up. i m using reason 3.0 on my laptop my laptop config is
p3 HT 3.06...1gb ram 80 gb hard drive
i had been using reason on this sytem b4 too... but now a days.. its giving me error that " Reason can not run because of an unexspected error". i mean everytime i restart my computer or i don't run reason for a while and then try to launch it it gives me this error...i re-installed and restored my whole system just to overcome this problem... i do have an original copy of reason that my friend gave me...but i don't have the liscence number but i m running it with its original serial number... so i can't get technical support from Propellerhead softwares cuz they ask for guys i m counting on do i overcome this error. and yeah my windows is original too...XP home edition service pack 2. and besides that i have another laptop very pathetic...with a pirated window reason is working fine with that..never gave me error in years but on this new system where everything is original no pirated stuff...and its giving me error. and by the way i m using Digi 002 and Mbox...
thank you


Pro Audio Guest Thu, 04/20/2006 - 17:53
guys does any one has solution to this problem

hey guys does anyone has solution to this reason 3.0 problem i m dying to open one of my project i gotta bounce the files man..... plz if someone has a registered reason 3.0 plz can you get me the article from the forum from Propellerhead web site about this error.... " Can Not run Reason because of an Unexpected Error" plz plz plz...

thank you