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Reason and Cubase out of sync


Hope this is the right forum for my question.

On the Proppelerheads-forum someone mentioned the click-tracks of Reason and Cubase not in sync when rewired.

So I tried it myself and, indeed, not in sync (nice upbeat rythm though :-).

So I tried to make a sort of click-track in Reason (just a substractor ping every 1/4 bar) and in Cubase (any vsti), rewired ofcourse.
Export the audio and opened in a wave-editor.
Reason and Cubase we're 4 ms not in sync (audible (weird attack) if you know what to look / hear for.) Note this "out of sync" is much less then when playing Reason and Cubase rewired.

So I read the Getting into the details (about rewire and synchronisation Cubase). It said it should be automaticly synced.
Tried adjusting the synchronisation option in Cubase. Didn't work for me, probably because I don't understand the parameters.

Can anyone help:
-How to sync Reason and Cubase rewired when playing "live"?
-How to sync Reason and Cubase rewired for exporting the audio?


My system:

Athlon XP 1600
ASUS A7V-E (VIA kt266a)
tascam us-428 3.0x aiso 16-bit
on both Reason 1.01 and Cubase 5.1



c4ined Sun, 04/17/2011 - 12:12

I have had problems with reason 5 and cubase 5 which is what i currently use and basically when i bring the cursor back to the start of the track in either cubase or reason it allways goes out of time by say half a beat and i noticed by looking at reason that when i pulled the cursor back to the beginning it kinda of jumped half a beat then audio began playing so basically whenever i use rewire now i allways start making my track one or 2 bars in starting at say 5 or 9 on the grid and then i never get anything out of time when im listening back to the combined track in either cubase or reason i also adjusted my start point L maybe that had something to do with it but yeah wasn't a major problem to work around , but tbh im with you guys they coulde atleast get this technology right before releasing it .. Peace !

Opus2000 Wed, 01/23/2002 - 07:29

Hey Gentle G!! What up man!!
I hate to say this but....It's a Cubase related problem..I use Nuendo and Reason all the time and the sync is right slight offset or anything!! I use it nightly at home and I record with the click track from Reason..
I dont think any sync setting will take careof that in Cubase as that doesnt affect Rewire mode. I would bug Steinberg and let them know that Nuendo is fine but Cubase has slight sync loss to whatever they did for Nuendo isfine but Cubase isnt.
Wish I could give you the actual solution but Rewire should just playing around with settings at all.
Not sure if you tried different ASIO buffer settings for the 428 but try that and set it to 24bit as well.

GentleG Wed, 01/23/2002 - 09:05

Hi Opus

Thanks for your reply
I've looked into it again and tried adjusting some stuff.

It seems to be the cubase click-track is out of sync with Cubase...
A rewired Reason click-track is in sync with any vsti...(gotta love this software :-)

So no real problem for me anymore, just wanted to help the new Reason/Cubase guy/girl.

Hope someone one the forum knows an answer.

So, how you're doing? Got any time left for music, you seem to be even more online (techsupporting) then I am (reading) ;-)

It's going quite well here. Every day I'm falling more in love with music (and all the fora;-) Luckily my wife is not a jealous type of person :-)
Funny thing is: the more I get to know Cubase, the more I love Reason. To me Cubase is more (kind of) like work and Reason is more like a hobby.
Only problem is Reason loves the us-428 more then it does love me :-(


Opus2000 Wed, 01/23/2002 - 09:13

Time for music? Whats that? lol..well, I have plenty o time at work to post and so forth..I answer a lot of emails and phone calls and basically multi-task as much as possible..I'm good at that ya know!!

Cubase click track is out of sync with teh Cubase click track? I'm sure you mean Reason click is out of sync with the Cubase click? Dont know why you would run both at the same is good enough.

I use the 428 more for Nuendo than I do need to control any knobs with the 428 and Reason..Thats what my JP8000 is for!!!

Anyways...glad to hear your enjoying yourself!! Peace and good luck

GentleG Tue, 01/29/2002 - 07:32

Looked into it again.
The problem has nothing to do with Reason or Rewire.
The problem is the latency between the Cubase click track and anything else in Cubase (audio or midi).
AT least now I know what to look for...