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Reason. Making beats to music

How would i go about making a beat in reason and trying to match it up to outside music? From what I know you cant bring audio files into reason to just have play and play along to using redrum etc. I have a session in pro tools le that i want to add a beat to but want to be able to make something to it while hearing it. Thanks


dterry Tue, 07/11/2006 - 07:55
Reason won't record or play audio on the sequencer timeline, but you can put audio into NNXT and play it as a one shot loop. However, the best way to use Reason with any other app is via Rewire. There should be an option to enable rewire in PTLE and select a rewire device to connect to (Reason - track plugin I assume?) , then open Reason and you shoud be good to go.

Rewire will allow the host app to send sync to Reason and have it play in time with the host app (host app is the controlling playback app).

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 07/12/2006 - 10:48
Another thing you can do which saves CPU power over rewiring but is a little fiddlier is to record your drum track or drum loops, export audio mixdown or export audio loops in Reason so you have the .wav files and then import these into PT or whichever daw you are using (CUbase, Sonar, Logic etc).

You can import audio tracks into Reason by using the NN19 sampler but it is not a very flexible option. It works to a degree but you cannot edit the audio as it is treated as a one shot sample within the NN19.

Still a lot of dance/trance/electronica dudes often do this they use Reason and get Audacity or some other freeware audio recorder, record music into Reason and vocals into Audacity etc then import the audio file into NN19 and mix the whole thing in Reason.

However, you'll get better editing, mixing possibilities and control rewiring or importing audio files created by reason's audio mixdown .wav files in PT/alternative DAW.