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Hello all I've been getting into the swing of things and I wanted to know what software does everyone recommend to edit tracks that I've uploaded?

I use a Tascam dp-008 to record and I upload the recorded tracks from there onto the computer to edit with Audacity but I'm thinking there are better programs out there. I'm not looking to spend too much money (up to $150) as I'm not looking for anything extravagant. I don't need pitch correction or any special effects for say a band. I record only acoustic instruments (bass, mariachi guitar, trumpet, violin, vocals) so I'm looking for a program that can add nice effects onto a vocal track, bass, guitar, violin, with something to maybe take the edge of a too bright-sounding trumpet recording.

I checked out Cubase essentials and it looks great but I also read online that it has some important effects ( plugins) missing from it. I've heard of acid, sonar. .anything else?