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Recording software with WASAPI support ?

Are there any free (or cheap) recording software that support WASAPI ?


pfm Mon, 04/23/2012 - 20:14

Many interfaces or soundcards dont come with ASIO support. But a program that can record via WASAPI can still work with those types of devices and yield the benefits of ASIO. Thats what my need is. (I am not a recording/studio engineer or anything, just an audio hobbyist/enthusiast).
Your suggestion of just using DirectSound would defeat that purpose, right ? because ASIO was born to get around the deficiencies (latency, kmixer,etc) of the now antiquated APIs like DirectSound and MME.
I believe its more of a ability of the program to use a particular API rather than the driver itself.

TheJackAttack Mon, 04/23/2012 - 20:32

No DAW will have "support" for a computer api such as WASAPI. That would be up to either Windows to provide access to the api or the interface driver creators to include that as an option. The direct problem with using the WASAPI is that both Vista and to a lessor extent Win7 utlize automatic controlling features to switch the active source/destination parameters based upon the running programs. This means that any program sending a request could in theory take control of the "device" like the speakers or onboard mic or whatever at any time. So in theory WASAPI might be better for audio creation/editing but the reality is that it is no different from the older MME which will still function. ASIO4ALL is the general work around for those that do not have an ASIO driver proper.

Good luck.

RemyRAD Tue, 04/24/2012 - 21:28

Your other workarounds would be to lower your buffers during recording and overdubbing while utilizing your standard sound driver compatible with most all software. Then you increase your buffers for mixing and processing purposes where latency is not an issue anymore. After all, as engineers, we love tweaking knobs, dials & computer software and operating systems. It's a necessary evil. Just like setting up and tearing down the equipment before and after sessions. So start tweaking like a real engineer and you will glean a lot from that alone.

I usually engineer, alone.
Mx. Remy Ann David