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Reverb advise quick please

Hello people!

I am about to buy a new reverb unit and I has planned to buy A Lexicon mpx550 400usd and an M*one XL 600usd. But I guy in town offered me a Yamaha digital reverberator Pro R3 for 4900 usd.

Is the Yamaha a better alternative than the others. I dont need the digital ins and outs cause I use a analog mixer. but which unit should be the best of these 3. I know that the Yamaha is an older one but was good for its price back than. But are the new Lexicon and TC electronics better at the lower prise.

The prices is not correct in dollars but I calulated them into approximte usd to make it iasy to compare. The prices is here in sweden

The deals I got are for tomorrow so what do you recommend me to buy.

Best regards Magnus / sweden


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