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Rumour/Mangler versus KSP-8

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Looking to upgrade in the outboard FX category and have been considering these units. I often need the ability to run multiple FX on different aux buses at the same time and thus need multiple units. I've got 2U (and only 2U) worth of rack space to fill and either of these options would do the trick in terms of space.

Is there a big quality difference between these units? Or is it primarily an issue of quantity - the Rumour/Mangler effects and quality are the same as the KSP-8's, you just get more of them in the KSP plus the ability to have up to 8 outs?

The R/M option would leave me some budget for other items (combo drive for the Radar for one), but I also like the idea of the remote controller for the KSP-8. Anyone have any experience with these units?