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samplitude 7.2 vs soundforge 8

Hello there, i'm a new user here, and here's my first question...

Ive been doing my own solo album and need to basically put tracks in order, even out volume differences between songs, some eq etc

Which of the above programs (which a friend can lend me) is better for this low-end scale of mastering??- i really cant afford even cheap mastering at a mastering house at the moment!

Oh...and which one of these can let you have a 'secret track' on a CD that you have to scrub back from 1 to hear?? and how is it done?

thanks in advance for any help you can give.



IIRs Sat, 12/17/2005 - 09:01

Not sure about Samplitude, but Soundforge is capable of doing everything you want except the hidden track thing, for which you would need CD Architect.. the good news is: if you buy Soundforge 8 you get CD Architect bundled for free 8)

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Cucco Sat, 12/17/2005 - 12:55

Samp will do quite well. In fact, it's primary directive in life is mastering, though it does a good job at recording too.

It will do a lead-in to track 1 simply by placing your start marker at the beginning and your track 1 marker at least 4 seconds later. Everything prior to the track 1 marker will be pre-1.

Enjoy (and then rush out and buy Samp - it's money well spent! The crossfade editor alone is worth the money! Of course, the real crossfade fun begins in Sequoia. Big bucks!)