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Samplitude Mac Version Indefinitely Delayed

Dear Samplitude Users,

Due to our planned product strategy and changes in the market environment, we have decided to discontinue the development of the Samplitude Mac version.
We are aware that this decision will certainly inconvenience our customers who have been anxiously awaiting the Mac version and for this we apologize. Your patience and understanding with regard to this new strategic direction is greatly appreciated.
We will of course continue to offer the best possible support with new functions and products while we focus on our core specialization in developing audio production software for the PC platform. This means that we will be dedicating our efforts mainly to the development of Samplitude Pro X2, Sequoia and other interesting new applications.
We hope that our efforts in delivering top-quality products will lead to the continued satisfaction and loyalty of our customer base.
We thank you again for your patience and understanding.
With best regards,

Your MAGIX Pro Audio Product Management Team


Choice recording, mixing and mastering software, being 100% focused on ONE platform rather than 50% between two, confirms why this company is leading. RIGHT ON MAGIX!

I'm sure there are Apple users that will be very disappointed but, maybe its time to switch over. Apple is mobile app full steam ahead. This must have had something to do with this.

PASSBOOK, and all the built in security code can only be chocking up DAW code.

I'm now told Pro X 2 (Sequoia 13) should have VCAs, DDP and better bus routing and mono outs… WOW, mono outs just completed the package.