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This is the last round.
You’ve all done extremely well. 8-)

There is a small chance for someone to claI'm the first prize aside from the obvious …., however that chance is fading fast. :(

Second Prize, on the other hand, is within the reach of a few of you….. :D



BRI: 325

PR0GR4M : 290

FREAKY : 280

ZEMLIN : 230



GROFF : 180

GOMP : 110


The first contestant to pass the 500 point mark shall automatically be awarded First Prize……
Second Prize shall be awarded to the next highest score although Sebatron reserves the right to decide if there will be an extra 'Play-off' question in-between.

Anyone who scores higher than 250 points is eligible for a Sebatron discount on a particular Sebatron product.
. .or a Special Sebatron C.D. package .


Good luck.
Always be polite and courteous and respond well to stimuli.


Close to the Edge. Yes.
True/False? (7 points)
Skins. Alan or William ? (8 points)

Just give me the basics.Just two words in two different colours.
Only answers posted excactly on or after five minutes of this post accepted.
Only first four answers eligible for full points.

By the time you have read this,
your time would've started.

So get to it !



pmolsonmus Tue, 10/17/2006 - 06:21
The Moon is called many things from different mythologies. For example, Luna by the Romans, Selene by the Greeks. Because the Moon is so obvious it has been known since prehistoric times, so tracing its name is difficult. It developed with different languages rather than being chosen conciously.

At this time of year (in our part of the world anyway), we call her the Harvest Moon.

Bri Tue, 10/17/2006 - 12:12
Well, in the meantime.....

I made this in hopes of posting/displaying it as an answer to a question.
Obviously, a logistical nightmare. Also, the forum seems limited to only pics and gif intention was a looping flash animation.

It's nothing grand, but if anyone's interested....probably take a couple minutes to open/load(.wmv file). I'll likely delete it soon. Turn volume up. Running time: 37sec

"Legends Upon Legends"

Sebatron Tue, 10/17/2006 - 12:38

Choose only one of the following to answer.
Only the first correct answers of each question will be awarded full points.....
Late entries may get points too.

Pick the odd one out:

A/ Source , Drain , Emitter (20 points )

B/ Neon , Freon , Argon ( 15 points )

C/ Heuy , Loui , Dewey ( 10 points )

D/ One , Three , Five ( 10 points )

If you have good reasons , let me hear them. No more than ten words.
A good laugh gets you a Bonus.......

This here text has very little relevence......

Your time has already started ,
Get to it.....


audiokid Tue, 10/17/2006 - 16:51
One day a little duck waddles by...

Hi there, what's your name? asks the farmer...
My name is Heuy, says the little duck.
Well, aren't you happy, what's ya been doing Heuy? asks the farmer.
I've been in puddles alllll day! says Heuy...
Isn't that cute, says the farmer.

Next day.... another little duck waddles by... Well hi there little duck, what's your name? asks the farmer...
my name is Louie! says the little duck.
Well, aren't you happy, what's ya been doing Loui? asks the farmer.
I've been in puddles allllll day! says Loui...
Isn't that cute says the farmer.

Another day passes.... and one more little duck waddles by... Well hi there, I'll bet your name is Dewey? says the farmer...
No, my name is puddles.


Sebatron Wed, 10/18/2006 - 09:59
We are fast approaching the end of the Sebatron Quiz.
The first to person to reach 500 points wins the prize.

The first prize is a new Cygnus X-2 Two Channel solid state preamplifier…..shipped from the Sebatron factory direct…
Second Prize is awarded to the next highest score.*



BRI: 347

PR0GR4M : 308

FREAKY : 290


ZEMLIN : 247


GROFF : 187

GOMP : 110


audiokid : 15


What is a sock cymbal? (8 points )
No more than ten words please.

No posts within five minutes of this one.
Early posts can and will be penalized…..
Only the first correct post will be awarded the full points.

Your time starts now,
get to it.........