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Hey everybody,
This is my first post after being a bit of a lurker, so it's nice to finally post haha. Anyways, before I got an interface I was using a mic run through a little Behringer mixer, and I plugged a set of headphones into that for monitoring, everything hardware based. I just picked up a Tascam US-1800, and I'm a little confused how to send the tracks in reaper to the interface for my headphones.

At my buddies house, using Pro Tools, I just assigned the track an output on the interface, and everything worked great. Had volume control, panning, etc. However, when I do this in reaper, I'm not able to hear anything. After fiddling around a little bit, I hit the record monitor button, and I can hear my track, but it comes out of all the outputs, and I can't mix volumes for headphones.

Is there something i'm overlooking?