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Setting up for Mixing in the box….

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Ok here is what my latest plan is: Sell my Mackie SDR and Mackie 24-8.

Buy 16 ADC’s and 16 Pre amps, and mix in the box.

I have wrestled with this idea for a while. But I think I am finally ready to commit to the box.

I want decent ADC’s and pre-amps. I have a Lynx L22 and am quite happy with it.

So the Aurora 16 seems like a viable option. That’s about 3k,

I am not sure what the SDR, 24-8 with meter bridge, cables and extra hard drives will bring in for cash, but I hoping they will pay for the Aurora 16 at least.

So that leaves preamps. I want transparent pre-amps for the most part. However a few coloured pre’s would be nice.

I am looking at the SYTEK quad pack, as it is good value for the money. Any other suggestions?

Oh and I don’t generally associate cost with quality, if something is good and cheap I am happy ;)




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Link555 Fri, 05/02/2008 - 15:52

The Seven Circle stuff looks nice!
As does the JLMaudio stuff.

Basically I want something with a low noise floor, decent gain (60dB or so) and accurate response. As for cost: I would say a fair price would be ~125USD per channel.

I figure I could make my own for about 150 a Channel, so I am hoping someone else who is buying larger oders of parts could bring the price down.

I know the DAV stuff but I have not used the lineaudio stuff.

I like the cost and look of 8MP 8channel Microphone Pre-amplifier, have you used it?

How does it compare to say a Earthworks pre?
or a Systek pre?


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Groff Fri, 05/02/2008 - 16:28

Link555 wrote: I like the cost and look of 8MP 8channel Microphone Pre-amplifier, have you used it?

How does it compare to say a Earthworks pre?
or a Systek pre?

No, I didn't, but from what i have heard the Lineaudio is quite good for the price. It is small company and you can talk with the designer personaly. I mentioned it here as a cheaper solution.

150$ per channel is a bit thin ... you know :( ... to be good

If you are DIY-er, at least for the kits, there are some other good solutions better than VLZ pres and under or close to 150$

I don't know what you are going to record and how (why 16 pres?) but having the most of pres transparent could be boring.


BTW JLM and SCA are killer. They are in rank with any other world class OPAMP based pre.

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Groff Sat, 05/03/2008 - 08:16

Groff wrote: If you are DIY-er, at least for the kits, there are some other good solutions better than VLZ pres and under or close to 150$

Here is one:

It should be easy to build. You will need good soldering iron, calm hands and maybe a experienced friend who knows how to make it clean and precise.

Also more info about it (diaries and testimonials) and the other affordable and easy to build kit solutions in the LAB forum at

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Link555 Tue, 05/06/2008 - 06:55

Thanks Groff, I mean design and build for $150 each. I have the design more or less done, but just need the cash to test it out. The lucky thing is my design and labour are free.

I was just wondering if someone elese made a decent pre in that range, so I could be lazy ;)

Oh well....

As for transparent its not for all 16, but personally I like to have more transparent pre's than coloured. That way I can add a little colour but not over do it.

Thanks !

Kev Wed, 05/07/2008 - 01:10

the Green-Pre is a good clean, cheap and robust mic-pre for DIY ( good for first timers)
would probably fit into that price range

head for and you will find heaps of info

Joe has a 99 DOA that's clean
use this in a servo style

for very clean read up on George M's way of doing things
and get a look inside a Grace or Millennia
this is worth a read

listen to the interviews with the designers ... over at 3db forum

Kev Fri, 05/09/2008 - 18:32

I love DIY
people already know that

not every one is DIY
but every one should try a little bit of DIY as it helps to learn and build your knowledge or what is inside the box

a little knowledge IS dangerous but I can not allow people to keep their head in the sand and the search for knowledge must be better in the long run

even IF you were to DIY mic-pre or Mics ... or just cables
it IS worth buying some industry standard devices to which you can compare your DIY too

many DIY'ers from long ago chose the LA2 as their first venture into Tubed DIY
these people also chose to search out an original LA2 and restored it to near original condition

just because something is old doesn't make it good AND being old it is very likely to be in need of some love and attention

there is a hurdle to get over with respect to DIY and some people never finish their first DIY project

chose a simple DIY project for your first

don't stop looking for quality commercial gear that suits your needs

I DIY most gear but I also have a collection of commercial product
for example
... even thought we haven't emailed recently, I am an email friend of Dan K and like the work he does
so I purchased a GreatRiver 1NV
you will see many Neve based ideas on my site and at Group DIY
the GR-1NV is not a Neve clone but the circuit topology is from the same side of the fence
it is a very useable unit and would miss it if I didn't have it

by doing or just researching DIY you will see the similarities and the differences in this gear
this all adds up to more knowledge and understanding of what is under the bonet and hopefully help you make use of the gear in it's best light

same goes for guitar amps and stomp boxes and speakers and all things electronic

build or buy ?
either way, take it slow and do your research
there is a lot of crap out there
quality can be found