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simple question about dynamic effects

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We aquired (for free) a valley people 610 stereo compressor/expander from my parteners work (a cable tv distributor who was going to throw it, and a ton of soundproofing foam out) and I'm just curious what exactly an expander does. I've f'd around with it a little and got a gate like effect from it, and combined with the compressor made for a kickass bass drum sound, completely got rid of that snare. But I'm still in the dark as to what it actually did.

BTW Steve, just bought the KSM44, waiting on delivery, it seems like an awesome suggestion.



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Kurt Foster Sat, 05/17/2003 - 16:16
In most cases what is termed an "expander" is a noise gate that you can adjust the amount of attenuation. A gate works buy automaticly shutting off when a signal is not present. By adjusting the "threshold" control.., you control at what level the gate turns on and off allowing the signal to pass or blocking it. With an expander there will be an extra control labled "range". With this control you may adjust the amount of the quieting, instead of simply shutting off the gated signal.