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So what's the scoop on the "powered plugins?"

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I've been holding off on buying an outboard reverb and/or effects unit untill I get the real word on the Macki/UAD and TC Powercore cards.

In theory, the added dsp power should mean more complex algorythms and therefore better reverbs and sound effects, right?

So anyone take either of these cards for a spin? If so, do you think they compare well to outboard effects? My guess is maybe they'd be a step in between the quality of traditional plugins and outboard?



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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 07/14/2002 - 19:35
I personally own the Universal Audio card. The verbs are cool but this is the area where I think software fx have more catching up to do.

As far as eq's or compressors, WOOOWWW!!! I don't have a whole lot of experience with the very "high end" stuff but enough to know that this stuff is really close. The LA2A and 1176LN simulations are ultra cool. They give us DAW users a taste of what the big boys use on every channel. I've used the Bomb Factory emulations on Pro Tools but the UA plugs are just better.

And by the way that new Pultec eq is a gem. Sometimes I don't even boost or cut anything. I just leave on the insert to give it the effect that your passing it through the hardware unit. You can hear it working (whatever "it" is).

As far as the powercore, I have no experience with it but would also like to hear from others that may have used it. Especially those that own both cards.

Regards, Abraham