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Sonar, vs. 700C, hardware integration questions

Has anyone used Sonar with the VS 700C in a hybrid application (full integration between hardware and software)? Is this DAW exclusive to ITB or does it have a nice workflow OTB too?
If I got the VS 700C, do I need to use their interface/ ADDA for it or can I use my interface and converters?


audiokid Tue, 08/28/2012 - 21:03

Thing I like about Sonar is the midi is so fast and well coded. Its why I keep hoping the rest of the daw will improve. And the controller seems to work so well with Sonar, making it much easier to run it all. Looks like the controller VS 700c is around $2000 or so. So its not that expensive. I'm extremely happy with Sequoia as a mixing and mastering DAW but the midi is still too clunky IMO. I'm so spoiled from the MIDI of the 80's. Nothing today compares to back then. VSTi today is lame but if its all the new gen knows, they use it and it goes on.

Sonar does work great in that area.