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Source for replacement knobs - FMR RNP in particular

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So one of the knobs on my FMR RNP is has gone into the aether. I've sent an email to FMR, but have yet to hear back. Probably have to call during the week. Does someone know of a good source for small quantities of electronic parts? I've tried searching but I'm probably using the wrong name for what I'm looking for. These are 1/2" diameter knobs with a set screw on the side. They fit on a 1/8" shaft that has been ground flat on one side. The shafts are from a step pot and take a reasonable amount of torque to turn (Hence the tendency of the set screws to come loose.) Is there a more specific name for these things than "electronics knobs"??? (Of course, a general search on "knobs" can keep a person busy for a long time.)

UPDATE: 1/8" bore set screw knobs seems to be the correct term. A pointer to a reliable supplier would still be appreciated.


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moonbaby Sat, 02/16/2008 - 07:32
Hi, Bob:
I think that the FMR gear uses knobs by RE'AN (also known as Re-An). You should be able to get them from Mouser Electronics (, the same folks that FMR probably gets them from. You can even get different colored caps for the new knobs to "customize" your RNC! How cool is that?