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spider or 1" 8track?

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I've decided I need something to fatten up the front end. I have recently updated the place with a FATSO, great pres, and that helps loads. But I still need the huge-yet-tight low end of an analog deck. I just want 8 channels of it, and have been eyeing 1" decks. But the maintenence and upkeep, etc., are what have kept me from doing so sooner. So, along comes a spider. I could use 8 more channels of quality A/D (have an 8000 and an 888, which I would use AES with spider. And the tape effects and great pres. Well, I think my mind is made up. But I just wonder how close the spider comes to real tape emulation. What do you think? Oh hell, you don't care.



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drumsound Fri, 02/22/2002 - 20:01
If your gut tells you to get a tape deck get one. I've not heard the Spider, but I;m sure it is cool. I dig tape. I don't buy the emulation thing. Does even the best piano sample sound like a Stienway? Do any of the modelers sound like a Marshall?

Keep in mind that different tape machines sound different as well. Get with a tech who has a broad range of experience and bend his ear for a while. If you PM I'll get you in touch with my guy.

Long Live Tape! :w:

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Ted Nightshade Sat, 02/23/2002 - 07:50
Long Live Tape!
Still, I'm lacking all those old fashioned skills too. I have a friend who's used everything and has several reel to reel machines sitting idle around his place, but he says if you didn't grow up with it, he can't imagine you learning all the subtleties, which are necessary for good quality. Still I pester him.
Mastering engineer Bob Katz has a super trick hand customized god knows how expensive tape chain ready to go at all times, and he says most of the time he reaches for the HEDD, the Cranesong piece that first had the analog modeling used in the Spider. He does fantastic work.
Apparently it's a lot easier to abuse the Spider than it is to go overboard with natural analog tape saturation. I've heard a few reports of people getting a real sweet tooth for it and then later realizing they'd way overdone it.