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Stereo Mobile Recording Suggestions

I need some suggestions for recording 2-track live feeds, or for capturing sound-effects. Something under $800.

Originally I thought of just getting a nice portable Minidisc player/recorder (Sharp)... but now I'm looking into the recorder pictured below. It uses widely-available compact flash (which I happen to use in my digital camera), can record in many formats, has two mic inputs, phantom power, SPDIF in/outs, etc...

It runs about $700

More info here:

Any suggestions?



lorenzo gerace Thu, 10/09/2003 - 00:14
It looks like a good unit; I red a review on a Mix magazine a couple of months ago and it seemed to work OK (but what doesn't in magazine reviews..??). Anyway, I'd check it out, and make sure the converters are good quality; another option could be to get a portable preamp/AD converter like the Apogee Mini me and feed the Marantz via the SPdif, so to be sure about the sound quality.

Hope this helps



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