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Studio Projects C1

How is this mic in comparison to other similarly priced condensor mics for vocals and acoustic instruments? I've been using one for a while and haven't had anything else to compare it to. I'd be interested to hear some other peoples opinions.


anonymous Sun, 07/27/2003 - 10:36

It holds up with any of the other mics in the same price range. It's very bright though so you may not like that and it's not entirely well suited for all applications. It's good for pop vocals and alot of things 57's are good on. If you are a snare shell mic-er, it kick the 57's ass. Way fatter on guitar too.

anonymous Mon, 07/28/2003 - 06:46

Great mic, especially for the price. It is bright, but not overly so in a Audio Technica 4033 kind of nasaly way. I would agree about the C1s use as a pop vocal mic where you'd end up turning up the hi frequencies anyway. I've found it to be a decent vocal mic on many singers. It really shines on some female singers. The mid-range scoop allows it to be very mixable without a lot of futzing around on the eq. Compared to tube mics, it doesn't have as large as a dimension to it, but it does fine. The C1 is not your all-purpose mic. But it does most vocals very well.

It's a good mic on it's own. But for the price it is a killer deal that a budget user should have in the arsenal.


anonymous Tue, 07/29/2003 - 09:14

I can second the Oktava, but buy it from the Sound Room. I have a matched pair from there and I love it on acoustic instruments. I have heard a few complaints from these bought elsewhere as the quality control on them sucks. The Sound Room tests them thoroughly and has a better return policy. If you get one that works, they're hard to beat for the price.


anonymous Mon, 08/04/2003 - 09:48

For not much more, I picked up an mxlv69 mogami. Great mic for the cost. I've used an SP C3 for over a year and like it, but on male vocals and acoustic guitar, the v69 kicks butt. Very smooth and warm with a nice clear high end. So far, everyone I've used it on has loved it.

I use the hell out of my Octava mc012's, but the small diameter mic doesn't compare on vocals. The Octava is a great overhead mic and good down the neck of an acoustic, but not a vocal mic.

The shure 57 is a great utility mic, but doesn't really shine until you run it through a great pre. The v69 sounds good through a DMP3 and great through an rnp. Again, better bang for the buck.



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