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Sync PTLE to UVW-1800 BETACAMsp. Is “lock” possible?

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Guest Mon, 12/31/2001 - 10:24
posted 12-30-2001 10:20 PM                      
A chum wants to do this, could someone help?

OK, I’ve got a PPS-2 sync box by Cooper. It will read true smpte and convert it to MTC.
I will be borrowing a Sony UVW-1800 Betacam sp deck and Black burst box.
And of course the 001

1. With this (stuff) can I set up LE to sync to the 1800 without drift?

2. The 1800 TC out is via BNC connector and the PPS-2 smpte input is 1/4 inch. Will an adapter; BNC -> 1/4 inch work or even exist?

3. Would these be the proper physical connections?:

Blackburst into smpte/TC input of the 1800.
1800 smpte/TC out to PPS-2 smpte in.
MTC out of the PPS-2 to midiman interface
( Also, I would need to set up the IAC driver in OMS right? )

Thanks for any help on this



posted 12-31-2001 12:55 AM                   

"Well, I could be wrong, but I think the only way to get synch without drift in something like a 001 would ber the following.

Feed the blackburst into a box that will slave to wordclock and spit out a digital clock.(I think Aardvark makes one). Feed that into the 001. Set the sync to digital, and feed the timecode from the PPS into the 001. This works if I am correct.

I know there's a box out there that you can feed timecode and blackburst, and it will resolve everything, and spit out digital synch and converted midi timecode. I think it's either the Aardvark box or the steinberg box."



posted 12-31-2001 11:06 AM

"You need to feed the blackburst to the reference input of the 1800, not the timecode input. BNC to 1/4" adaptors are usually achieved via BNC to RCA, then RCA to 1/4", and yes this will work.

---If you are trying to maintain absolute sync, you need to be referencing the blackburst or timecode to wordclock. The nanosyncs does this, among others...If you have a blackburst input somehow connected to your PT rig, this would also do this.

---However, in the situation you are in, this may not be as critical as you think. It depends on where your audio will end up. The UV1800 is analog only, so you won't have to be providing a wordclock synchronized signal to it or from it.

What you need to examine really is what yout timecode source is, and what will be chasing what. The timecode is the key, really, not the black burst. Your digital audio needs to lock to the timecode of your ultimate destination recording. Ultimate perfect sync requires black burst and wordclock lock-up, but timecode matchup is what will really put the picture and sound together, and may not need to be quite as tight as you think if you are using an analog conversion stage. "

Sorry for the perhaps too late responce....