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Tascam-32 for mix down

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Is the Tascam 32 a worthy 2 track for mix down from high sample rate digital recordings? Or is it just a toy?



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Kurt Foster Mon, 08/05/2002 - 07:20
A Tascam 32's hi speed is only 15 ips and my expierence has taught me that 30 ips is the speed to print stereo mix's on 1/4" tape. It's quieter and there's more headroom to push the level. Look around for a used AMPEX or MCI 110B tape machine. A MCI 110B would most likely be the least expensive way to go on this. You should be able to find one for less than $1K. I wouldn't recomend any other MCI machine because they are not upgradeable. The bonus to this is you can upgrade to 1/2" on this machine (or an AMPEX). The downside is they are huge, they use lots of tape and be ready to spend time and / or some money on maintainance for these beasts, but if that is the sound your going for it will be money well spent. The Tascam and OTARI's are good machines and seem to require less work to keep them running, and while I'M sure there has been some great work done on these machines I just wouldn't consider them a serious pro machine because of the lower tape speed.
Good Luck, Fats