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TASCAM Convolving Reverb

Tascam have announced their first foray into the world of VSTplug-inswith Gigapulse, a convolving reverb plug-in for Windows. The plug-in not only allows the user to apply reverb sampled from a real acoustic space, but also offers the option of placing the sound source in one of up to 18 locations within the two-dimensional virtual room.

Gigapulse also features a mic-modelling section with a selection of vintage and contemporary models which can be used independently of the reverb processor. The position of the mic within the virtual space can also be adjusted. The Tail Extension function stretches the reverb impulse sample to give longer decay times, while Turbo mode reduces the plug-in’s processing load, allowing more simultaneous instances to be used.

Impulse libraries will be available from Tascam to augment Gigapulse’s presets, and users can also create their own or download freeware impulses from the Internet.