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Thinking of buying a lunchbox

Hi all,

I'm looking to invest in some new gear with a budget of $3k max! I have little experience with outboard gear so bear with me on deciding
what I should buy. I have a custom win7 pc, krk vxt4's, Ableton suite 8, komplete 8, e-mu px-7, e-mu e5000, microKorg xl, novation remote sl & an at2035 mic.

I'm hoping some outboard gear will add some character to my sounds, I do electronic music. And I'm also looking to start recording vocals, and doing
sound design stuff. I already feel sold on the lunchbox and little devil mic preamp. But should I get an outboard eq and compressor? Or spend that money
on a software plugin bundle? Any recommendations? Would the plugin bundle give the color and character I'm looking for? Do I even need two little devil pre's?

So many options...


pan60 Thu, 05/03/2012 - 18:12
i think the 500 format is a perfect fit for the professional as well a the smaller project studios.
since myself and some other really started to promote the format some years back we have seen a hugh onslaught of manufactures come aboard with some amazing gear!
pres , comp, and eqs of all types and flavors.
if one has a small studio set up you can get a lot of gear in a relatively small space as compared to say the typical 19'' rack system.
several companies make rack and lunchboxs as well as power supplies.
and more to come!


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