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U5 on to mix

Has anyone tried a couple of Avalon U5's on there 2 mix? If not , what are you using?



OneMan Tue, 05/08/2001 - 07:09

I am not having any level probs at all. It's just that the U5 has it's own sound character (or so I've read) and for the price of two of them,less than a grand, I could get a lot of use out of them in other applications as well. Ironicly you are using an RNC. I intended to use one of those in the chain as well. How do you like it?
Thanks for reading...


JS Wed, 05/09/2001 - 13:05

Guys - you must be jocking, are you not?
The U5 is a DI box. Why on earth would anyone put a DI on his mix?

I have one - never used it on the mix. I have recorded many things through it but never mixed through it yet, maybe I should try it one day for the "character" side only...

OneMan Wed, 05/09/2001 - 19:35

I are not jocking and I am not joking either. It's a piece of gear that has audio ins and outs. You can insert it anywhere you want regardless of what it's called. It has tone controls and a very DIstinct sound I am told. Just wondering if anyone has tried it.