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UAD cards and plugs?

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Does anyone have any suggestions about purchasing a UAD card as far as what package they like. I'd love to by the extreme pack but at $2000 it's a little steep. I'm just wondering if many of the plugs are redundant enough that it's not really worth having all those choices of EQs and compressors. Then again, more IS more. Hehe. Any help would be appreciated.



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Link555 Tue, 04/29/2008 - 09:33
Ok got my new PC!!!!
Big thanks to MIKE at ADK it all went smooth.

I had a chance to play on a few recordings. UAD in general is a huge step up!
I love the 670, LA2 , Neve 88RS.

The compressor on the 88RS will take a bit of playing with, I got some serious pumping last night. But I wasn’t really focusing will all the excitement. I love the EQ section, finally some usable Air. I will try to make a few clips tonight, and post tomorrow.

So far so good. I am very happy with the UAD in general.

The new machine is 3.0Ghz Quad core (I know I don’t need more than dual yet, but who knows what will be multithreaded next) and 4G of ram.

I opened a few sessions that were causing my old pc to freeze up. No issues so far.

The PC is also quiet; I can hear my Mackie power supply fan now. Thus I am a happy boy.

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Codemonkey Tue, 04/29/2008 - 10:02
Quad is good. >1 core is undeniably good. Dual gives you stability when apps lock up and go for 100% core usage. Quad gives you so much more room for running needless amounts of stuff, I take it?

My next PC upgrade is either gonna be to get a SATA hard drive (10k RPM thing) or a new mobo which has FW and WORKING audio drivers and more than 2 PCI slots.

Kind of a reality check seeing people that can drop massive amounts of cash on stuff.

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Groff Tue, 04/29/2008 - 10:21
Codemonkey wrote: My next PC upgrade is either gonna be to get a SATA hard drive (10k RPM thing) or a new mobo which has FW and WORKING audio drivers and more than 2 PCI slots.

I'm using two SATA WD Raptors at 10 rpm. Noticeable difference. You should be careful with onboard FW if you have FW audio intreface. Separate FW PCI card with TI chipset is probably better option.

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Codemonkey Tue, 04/29/2008 - 10:29
The interface I'm hoping to get is a Delta 1010LT (PCI card).
Everything is budget and a mess of hardware...

I have an AMD mobo but nothing else.
I have an Intel based gaming PC with rotten audio drivers.
I have an old Intel PC at the Church which I use for just capturing stuff like sermons. I record a mono input in stereo and phase flip the right track to lose at least 12dB of noise. If I play about with the levelling I can probably cancel it altogether.

What my aim is, is to get the AMD (am2 socket) set up at the Church with the Delta, for recordings. The new mobo will come later.

As for HDDs, I'd be running Windows off a smallish Raptor, then everything else onto bigass USB or IDE drives which have nothing else on them in use. 2 IDEs and a USB (eSata once I get a port for it) should provide plenty of bandwidth if it's distributed right...?

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Link555 Wed, 04/30/2008 - 09:11
oK here we go:

I did two tests last night. One on acoustic GTR and one on female vocals.

Go to the link above and follow the steps below (also on my page), and let me know your thoughts!

1) Download the audio files.

They are big so it may take awhile. They 16bit 44.1kHz wave files. The NEVE 88RS was applied in Wavelab. The original files were recorded at 24bit 96kHz. I normalized both tracks to -3dBfs. I used the UV22HR dither to dither the bit rate down, and used Wavelab to down sample. No other effects were used.

2) Before you listen, download the text files.

These files explain what the parameters of the NEVE 88RS were set too. Just to be clear I wasn’t after any particular sound, I was just playing more or less.

3) Listen to tracks and follow along in the text file.

4) Let me know your opinions!

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Link555 Thu, 04/10/2008 - 16:16
I bought the expert PAC in March. The expert pac come with $750 voucher. They also gave me 150 dollars more towards plugs for buying it in March. So I had $900 total to buy plugs with. I bought:

Fairchild 670 -$149
1176LN - $149
LA2A -$149
Neve 88RS Channel Strip -$299
VCA VU -$149

Total $895