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UAD LA-2A and 1176LN, Which Native Plugin comes Closest.

Anyone know of any Native plugin that comes close to UAD's LA-2A and the 1176LN emulation.

I will be getting a UAD pack in about a month. But untill then I need a plugin that has the Lushness and Creamyness of the UAD's LA-2A .

Which plugin compressor have you used that comes the closest. Thanks
Help is appreciated.

And which PAK to you recommend?


Dozer Sun, 06/03/2007 - 13:04
Alright thanks. Check out these free emulations I found. Tell me if anyone thinks these come close to the LA2A and the 1176LN. Here is the link to the site.
Here is the direct link to the download from the page. Or just click the Words at the top of the Website. "Download Full Installation V1.80"

These are free plugs. Run the setup and they will install to your VST folder of course. They all start with the name "Modern". Now if you scroll down you will see the Faceplate of the LA2A. The 1176LN is in there to.
Once installed, the names of the Plugs are:
"Modern VLME" is the LA2A
"Modern VSME" is the 1176LN

Try them out and let me know if they sound similar to the UAD emulations.