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VCA vs. moving fader (sonically)

i realize most people prefer moving fader and there is a general conception that it is less degrading of one's signal. however are there not sufficient and high performance VCA's now a-days that are up to par with moving fader? is this conception primarily based on the old implementation of VCA's in older consoles?

also can anyone tell me what kind of automation the Neve 8068 and 8078 consoles used? i believe flying fader off the nemac computers, but i'm not sure any clarification would be greatly appreciated.


sheet Sat, 05/12/2007 - 04:57
At the time of manufacture, there was no automation for 8068 and 8078s. They were retro-fitted much later.

Flying Faders was endorsed and developed by Neve, on later non-Rupert consoles, until Neve came out with their own version much, much later. Martinsound aquired Flying Faders, developed FF3, but I don't know if it ever released. It would have been the coolest of all, allowing the faders to control a DAW via USB/HUI.