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Vintech 1272...

I was thinking of upgrading my Behringer AD8000 for an Octopre or Digimax then i got thinking, why not get a two channel high end mic pre-amp instead of 8 low/medium end and just keep the Behringher for when i really need to record more than 8 tracks simultaneously which is very rare apart from recording drums...anyway, after alot of research it looks like it's going to be the Vintech dual 1272. My problem is that i'm in Switzerland and i don't think they're distributed over here so i'll have to order from the US. I'm still waiting for a reply from the Vintech website but was wondering if there are any other Europeans (or anybody really) here who buy from the US that could perhaps recomend good netshops?


John Stafford Mon, 03/28/2005 - 17:12

Hi Grant
Given that Switzerland isn't a member state of the European Union, wouldn't you have to pay taxes on import even from a European dealer?

If I were you I'd import from the United States. While the carriage costs might be very high (assuming this is a very heavy box), you can be almost certain that a European dealer is going to charge more than the American price and carriage combined.

Good luck!

John Stafford

PS you wouldn't believe how much we non-Swiss have to pay for a nice Breguet :wink: