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Virtual M/S Stereo Mic Plugin Developement

I'm currently doing research in Audio DSP. Theres a certain project that I wanted to start working on which would end up as a plugin. I wanted to ask you guys how useful you think that such a plugin would be. I really want to get the opinions of recording engineers.

I want to develop a vitual M/S stereo microphone setup in a virtual room. You would be able to place the M/S mic setup anywhere in the virtual room and you would be able to place the sound source anywhere in the virtual room (there could also be multiple sound sources at multiple points in the room). The room itself is also modelled so it can be any shape and size. The materials of the wall would be modelled to quite an extent. Each wall can be as reflective or as absortive as wanted. Also, diffusion of the sound due to the walls can be modelled. The air absorption would also be modelled.

The input to the plugin should be one or more mono signals recorded in a fairly dead acoustic environment.

I often hear people saying that the M/S stereo microphone technique gives great results but it must be done in the right room. If this works out properly, you would be able to virtually place the M/S stereo setup anywhere in any kind of virtual room with the sound source (or sources) in any part of the room.

Please give me your opinions as to the usefulness of such a plugin (it could even be implemented on a DSP processor like in a rackmount unit).