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vocal reverb and delay. i'm new :[

ok so I'm fairly new to recording and I thought i would get peoples opinions on an awesome reverb plugin for vocals.

i've heard about duplicating the main vocal track and adding delay and all the reverb to the copy vocal track.. and also lower the volume on the copy track.. so all the reverb is on the copy track with about a 25 ms delay on it..and no reverb or anything on the regular vocal track..

is this true? what's y'alls opinions on the best way to use reverb and delay to get as close to a professional full sounding vocal as possible?

what about panning the would i pan each vocal track when duplicated? or for instance if i feel like i don't need to double my vocals on a song. would i always keep it panned in the dead center?

oh, I'm using Cubase LE with Reason 3.0 through a firewire interface.

here's my myspace music link you can hear the first song i recorded. all i used for vocals is compression and cut out some highs in the eq but it's not as good as i want : /

i'd appreciate your help guys!


Pro Audio Guest Mon, 10/16/2006 - 12:04
Brandonroy wrote: ok so im fairly new to recording and I thought i would get peoples opinions on an awesome reverb plugin for vocals.

I'm no vocal pro, but the best reverb I've come across is by far the Altiverb convolution verb.

Beautiful for mixing (so a good investment all around), and I'm sure plenty of the impulses would sound fantastic on voice.

TeddyG Sat, 10/07/2006 - 20:07

Though the vast majority of awesome vocals have been done by awesome vocalISTS, very simply with minimal effects of any kind added, there are a million tricky things to do - try what you read/hear about, then make up your own... Just remember that effects can get really irritating, really fast...

Far as reverb plug-in's or any effects software or hardware, the most awesome will likely be the most expensive - the good life is always pricey - YOU must try to get what you can out of what you have or what looks good to buy that you can afford. No effect is "standard awesome", it's the way you use it that makes it awesome or not. While I am not a fan of downloading things to try( I never seem to be able to get rid of it if I don't like it?), there are certainly many opportunites to do so(Try to download only those one or two that you will almost certainly buy, wherever possible.)

Just singing/speaking along to a vocal on another track, trying to duplicate the previous track as exactly as possible(It'll never happen - a good thing!) can sound good. When both tracks are played back at the same time, the "combined vocal" can sound "denser", "better", no other effects needed. I read once that Karen Carpenter might "sing along" to herself more than 30 times! 30 tracks+ of KC singing the same thing the same way at the same time - all, essentially, played back at once - Her vocals(Along with the songs themselves and ALL the production values encompassed, due in no small part to her brother, Richard.) are considered to be among the best ever recorded... While I'm sure some reverb was used and other effects, at times, it was her, just singing along and along and along that helped make it special(Singing beautifully, of course!). Inotherwords, it is always the hard work put into anything that gets the most out of it, no particular plug-in needed. Though the best possible equipment is not, generally, a hindrence, the talent involved in the project is the key to awesome......