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A VST that routes audio from audio input?

Is there such a VST effect that routes audio (via ASIO or WDM) from the sound card and into the host? I would be eternally grateful if someone found it.


baadc0de Wed, 05/10/2006 - 22:49
Yes, without the background, this may seem like a bit odd. But, for example, pro tools m-powered 7.1 have this crazy limitation of only supporting one interface. bummer. Since PT work directly with the card (I think WDM), using ASIO4ALL or some similar "pack many interfaces into one in software" cheap trick isn't going to work. Now, you can buy fxpansion's VST to RTAS adaptor, which adds VST effects to PT. I bought it and am very pleased with the amount of (free as well as payable) effects available. The thing is, there could be a VST effect out there that can connect to the OTHER interface, the one PT is currently not using, and route audio from an interface channel to pro tools. Now, pro tools can use this interface whilst it couldn't before. Also, it could use unsupported, i.e. not m-audio interfaces, like a MOTU or Presonus, or whatever, as long as it has ASIO. Since you can route an effect output to audio track input, you can also record what's coming out from the VST, and once you have input going, you could also have output. Now, I'm a computer programmer, so if noone did this, I'll try to do it myself. But it's not a small undertaking, so I'd very much like to find something done already. Also, PT supports rewire, so maybe some rewire app could do that too? I love working with pro tools, and have invested some money into pro tools-specific plugs and interfaces, so it's kind of sad for me to be only able to work with the 8 channels of my projectmix + SPDIF, while I have a delta 1010 and presonus firepod lying out there just waiting to be used.

Randyman... Mon, 05/29/2006 - 19:56
Very interesting concept IMO. I don't see why this couldn't work with the proper R&D - but would Digi have a hissy fit? :lol:

This would also allow using more than 1 interface in Cubase, Nuendo, etc w/o needing "ASIO-4-All"... Like an RME Digiface as the primary ASIO Driver, and then also having a Mackie Firewire Preamp for other channels.

Insert this on a "Post Fader" slot, and you now have the perfect place to use this for outputs as well.

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