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Want to switch systems

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Trying to make some decisions on which console to switch to.

Im currently on a PT Control 24 with a HD2. This was the console that was in this new studio i now own. So far, Pro Tools has been really cool, and really powerfull. But ive just felt it hasnt been my style of mixing and i feel i can get a better board than the Control 24.

I wanted to know some of your comments about it though.

What i feel like i would feel more comfortable with is an analog board, either a Soundcraft Ghost 32, or one of the Allen and Heaths. I dont care much for automated faders because i feel you pay too much money for them along with all the buttons that you can do on the keyboard and with the mouse. From here i would go out to Apogee converters and digitally into a RME or Moto 2408mk3, or maybe keep the HD2 and run Protools. Then maybe get good clock to run with it. If i dont run Pro Tools i will probably go with Nuendo 2, because it is the style i prefer.

However, i have also been hearing a lot about the Yamaha 02r96. Even though i thought at first i was going to stay away from the digital boards but i thought this could be an upgrade sound wise to the Control 24, and then i could do the Apogee upgrades and go into Nuendo 2.

I plan on using a lot of outboard gear, mostly compressors along with plugins which is why i thought the analog board would be easier.

Just wanted to get some opinions.




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AudioGaff Sun, 10/19/2003 - 20:10
The only real value I see in the procontrol is you get some faders and a few buttons so that you don't have to dick around with a mouse as much.

Being a big outboard gear owner and user, I insist on an analog board. The 02R/96 is a nice upgrade and has many great features, but is still way to limited for I/O for my needs.

No matter what DAW you choose, get an interface(s) that have as many outputs as you would like to process in an analog board. For me that was at least 24-channels in and out of the DAW interface and then I use other channels on the board for MIDI modules, samplers, keys, effects and mics. My flexability needs require a direct out and an insert for every analog board channel including subs and master all brought up on a patchbay. I've yet to see a digital board with those I/O features that was under $50K